Physiotherapy in Singapore


About MedX

  • MedX offers an advanced range of fitness, sports and medical/rehabilitation equipment that are supported by decades of experience and millions of dollars of independent, university-based research.
  • MedX products achieve training efficiency through resistance curves matched to tested and proven strength profiles. They operate at a very low level of friction and offer a choice of resistance in 2-pound increments, ensuring a weight that is just right - not too heavy and not too light - for rapid and steady progress.
  • Biomechanical precision and low-friction makes MedX state-of-the-art.

Why MedX?

  • MedX is an evidence based approach to manage acute and chronic back and neck pain. It’s a supervised exercise program. There are many studies published on MedX.

What makes MedX safe for you?

MedX is safe due to the choice of a low starting load for the spine, safe arc of movement and low-friction offered by the moving parts. The approach helps avoid injuries during exercise.

How is MedX different from other conventional back exercises?

The patented restraining mechanism of the MedX core stability systems help isolate and focus exercise effects on the low back and neck muscles.

How long does it take to feel the results?

A twice a week training regime for eight weeks is recommended.

Talk to our physiotherapists at 64630905 in case you have any questions on our approach with MedX core spinal strengthening systems.